List of LeRoc Federation members
Name Type Organisation Region
Keeble, ChristineFullHow To Jive VideoCyprus
Protze, NeleAssociateModern Jive BerlinBerlin
Rowley, SusanAssociateDancing For CharityNorth East
Adshead, HaroldAssociaten/aNorth West
Butler, GregAssociaten/aNorth West
Glover, DianeAssociateLeRoc North WalesNorth West
Greenhalgh, RoyExaminern/aNorth West
Jackson, BrianAssociaten/aNorth West
Lloyd, JohnnyFullNorth West
Twist, KathleenAssociaten/aNorth West
Williams, StevenAssociaten/aNorth West
Childs, CraigAssociateEast Midlands
Geo Mathews, AbhilashAssociaten/aEast Midlands
Barnes, JasonAssociaten/aEast of England
Barnes, VanessaAssociaten/aEast of England
Barrett, RobertAssociateBoxmoor BeatEast of England
Dean, TerryAssociateBoxmoor BeatEast of England
Hand, LarraineAssociaten/aEast of England
Perrott, DawnAssociateStyle Dance SchoolEast of England
Perrott, LeeAssociateStyle Dance SchoolEast of England
Reeves, ColinAssociateBoxmoor BeatEast of England
Bunn, KatieAssociateMJ's Just Love To DanceGreater London
Chin, RogerFullJive NationGreater London
Fournes, ChristelleFullModern Jive SurreyGreater London
Gauthier, ThierryFullModern Jive SurreyGreater London
Gills, DebbieAssociateModern Jive SurreyGreater London
Guy, GrahamAssociateJivebeatGreater London
Salter, MicheleAssociateModern Jive SurreyGreater London
Saunders, AaronAssociateJive NationGreater London
Small, StewartAssociateModern Jive SurreyGreater London
Town, KevinAssociateKevin & AggieGreater London
Wicks, KevanAssociateModern Jive SurreyGreater London
Bennett, DavidAssociateLove2JiveSouth East
Ellis, ChristineFullNight and Day DanceSouth East
Everitt, ChrisAssociateTeam LeRocSouth East
Gauthier, EmmaAssociateModern Jive SurreySouth East
Hamblin, MichaelAssociateDance DedicationSouth East
Jessop, MicheleAssociaten/aSouth East
Keene, DavidAssociaten/aSouth East
Marley, StaceyAssociateJivePlaySouth East
Morton, TimAssociaten/aSouth East
Over, VictoriaAssociaten/aSouth East
Sefton-Smith, NigelAssociateJiveasySouth East
Shaul, ColinClubLeRoc SurreySouth East
Shepherd, JamesFullModern LeRoc JiveSouth East
Simmonds, NeilAssociateDance DedicationSouth East
Spirydon, SuzanneExaminerDance DiversitySouth East
Spirydon, IanAssociateDance DiversitySouth East
Sweeney, JohnAssociateModernJive.comSouth East
Waldron, SeamusFullJive NationSouth East
Willis, JenniferAssociaten/aSouth East
Witheyman, PaulAssociateJust JiveSouth East
Wright, DerekFulln/aSouth East
Arkell, AlysonAssociaten/aSouth West
Arscott, SylvAssociateRiviera LeRocSouth West
Barwick, JamesAssociateLeRoc.comSouth West
Bath, DianaAssociateNailsea LeRocSouth West
Dunn, JacquieFullSouth West
Eastman, JohnFullSouth West
Evans, MattAssociateMevans DanceSouth West
Field, JillAssociateJill's Just DanceSouth West
Gay, JanetExaminern/aSouth West
Gay, MichelFulln/aSouth West
Kavanagh, MattFullSimply Modern JiveSouth West
Lanning, DeeAssociateDynamic DanceSouth West
Marsden, GaryFullRiviera LeRocSouth West
McKay, BryanAssociaten/aSouth West
Parsons, HeatherFulln/aSouth West
Payne, RussellAssociateLeRoc.comSouth West
Price, SarahFullSimply Modern JiveSouth West
Threlfall, KateAssociateRiviera LeRocSouth West
Washbourn, RalphAssociaten/aSouth West
Wonnacott, SteveAssociatePortishead LeRocSouth West
Brown, JeanetteAssociaten/aWales
Davies, ShaunAssociaten/aWales
Franklin, MichaelAssociateSouth Wales LeRocWales
Heffey, MikeFullDance VerveWales
Heffey, JanFullDance VerveWales
Cullen, BillyAssociateLeRoc ScotlandScotland
Forbes, RoiExaminerAllStyle DanceScotland
Map of LeRoc Clubs

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